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Jérôme Ogier

A professional musician and comedian since the early 90’s, he performed as a comedian, soloist/sideman instrumentist at many prestigeous theatres, music clubs and festivals throughout Western Europe (Vidy Lausanne Theatre, Montreux Jazz festival etc.).

Always keen and open minded towards new artistic experiments, he has recorded and performed various styles of music such as Tango Nuevo, Electro, Traditional, Ethnic, World Music, Progressive Rock and more.

He gives Master Classes and teached from 2001 to 2011 in Geneva at the ETM Professional Music School.

He’s an avid composer and producer for theatre, comedy, cinema and television productions.

He performs on average 120 concerts a year, amdist impromptu studio sessions and prestigious collaborations (Phil Collins, Sandy patton, Christophe Godin to name a few…)

J.O. is also writing (theatre / Street theatre) as comedian, clown, professional speaker, encouraged by his friend the clown Jango Edwards, he founded his own theatre troup “Le Brame de l’escargot” (Snail’s belling) in 2005.

Giuseppe Vetti

Clown, he began his career in Bologna (Italy) in 1999 with the improvisational theater games (improvisation). In 2003 he discovered and is passionate about the art of the clown.

He follows all training levels led by Jango Edwards and Peter Ercolano and joined Barcelona in 2004 their company Fool's Militia composed of a team of 20 clowns. He will participate in five performances of the company in Barcelona, Rome and Tenerife.

He continues to work remotely with Fool's Militia. with whom he continues to work.

In parallel, Giuseppe is an artistic and cultural association dedicated to the art of clown and circus ArterEgo, where he mounted several street performances he plays in Italy.

In 2006, Giuseppe continues to experiment with the different facets of clowning integrating Lo Stabile della Luna company in Bologna.

It presents different shows with varied numbers as pantomime, clown, monologue, cabaret or sequences of comic creations. Giuseppe currently lives in Turin where he is part of the comic DuoDorant Company for which he directed three clown shows.


Also singer and songwriter, he set up in 2003 its first band : Les Becs bien Zen, - in which comes from elsewhere to join the Jerome Ogier -, and connects nearly 500 concerts over 10 years. During this period, he works regularly interpretation and scenic exercise with Philippe Albert, creator of the site Francofolies and head of the prestigious parisian « Studios des variétés », he studies also songwriting with Claude Lemesle (author Joe Dassin, Reggiani, Bécard Gilbert, Michel Fugain ...)

Passionate about music from the East, he multiplies the experiences of the genre with Stabilof Paddock (Transe Express Circus chariot) with whom he toured in Brazil, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Austria … or with Trails Gypsies (Zalzaros company) equestrian circus that travels in a caravan, or with "The Fat Bastard Gang Band" (Balkan Groove Explosive).

Several participations also on theater stages with mostly the Fil Theatre where he befriends Florent Vintrignier from the famous french band La Rue Kétanou and Raphael Forest Bruno (former of the band Blérot Ravel), he recently has been recruited as a "mechanic" at Aeropostale.

Jérôme Ogier

Artistic Dir.



Composer Musician

Giuseppe Vetti

Clown Dir.




Pierre Luquet




Olivier Epp

Tech Dir.

Sound Ingeneer

Light technician

Olivier EPP

A brilliant technical manager.

Hyper professional, patient, secure, applied, he is a jovial working partner with an appreciable sense of humor as well and a very significant sensitivity in the artistic work of the Cie.

Olivier is a magical stage manager quite competent in fields such diverses in performing arts (yet indispensable !), whether the lights or sound.

Theater stages, concert halls, indoor or street theater, his experience is marked by technical challenges successfully done and ranging from choir to rock band, ballet, theater etc.

Last but not least, he also has technical knowledge in electronics, video and computer.