L’aRéopostale ENG


The Pitch ? – After he took off from Buenos Aires in the 1920s, then mysteriously disappeared with his biplane above the Andes (Time-space vortex…), the Captain Clément Adhere, pilot at the legendary “Aréopostale” accompanied by his faithful mechanic Manolo suddenly reappears from the past, at low altitude and with music, at the corner of a street…
Their mission?

« Voice of « what goes through your head, but which comes from the bottom of your heart » (…) More than a show with its spectators, the aéopostale allows, as long as we are ready for the game, to wake up the poet who lies dormant in each of us. Well done !« 
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Finding at all costs the recipients of postcards he carries in his plane, give them the cards personally and pick up their answers…

In our digitally revolutionized world with digital communication, the wandering “L’aréopostale” emphasizes with humor and poetry the themes of urgency, handwritten mail, memory and ephemera.
SMS or postcard? Overtaxed message, “see operator’s cost”, or old-fashioned letter, “yellowed by time” ?
Virtuality or poetry ?

Type of show :
Walk around and music show

Details concerning the show:
For all
Training: 2 musical actors
Duration: 3 x 45 ′
Playgrounds: Squares, streets, halls
(Flat floor / Outdoor / Indoor)